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A supportive blend of organic herbs, spices and botanicals to support dogs suffering from joint issues. Our new, natural blend of organic ingredients offer tailored support for your dog's joints in an easy to feed format. If your dog is a breed that is prone to joint issues, you can feed this topper as a preventative.

This Organic Dog Food Topper is the perfect accompaniment to a raw food diet, blending into your dog's meal easily, but can also be mixed into wet food or turned into a paste and added to dry food (simply add a teaspoon of water).


Formulated with leading holistic veterinarians and canine nutritionists, our new Joint Support Blend supports cartilage, bone health and reduces inflammation, naturally. All our ingredients have been organically grown and sustainably sourced and have been specially selected to complement each other.


This means you can be confident that you're giving your dog powerful natural support that's kinder to them and kinder to the planet.

Verm-X Organic Dog Food Topper: Joint Support Blend

  • Turmeric, Chia Seed, Ashwagandha, Gingko, Linseed Brown, Hempseed, Gotu Kola, Ginger, Black Pepper.

    Turmeric A joint health superstar, working as a natural anti-inflammatory and supportive agent.
    Chia Seed Supports bone health as a natural source of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.
    Ashwagandha (Withania) Reduces the activity of collagenase enzymes, which break down joint cartilage.
    Gingko A strong anti-oxidant that has been proven to reduce arthritic inflammation.
    Linseed Brown Contains joint supporting Omega fatty acids to aid in the reduction of swelling.
    Hempseed Offers natural pain management, contains anti-inflammatory properties and provides essential Omega fatty acids.
    Gotu Kola Enhances the formation of collagen in bones, cartilage, and connective tissue.
    Ginger Contains excellent anti-inflammatory properties and aids with pain management.
    Black Pepper Included as a bioenhancer, naturally amplifying the effects of the other ingredients.
  • Add one heaped teaspoon per 10 kg of body weight to the dog’s food. For best results, feed in the mornings. For continued effectiveness, feed daily.

    180g is a 2-months supply for small dogs.

    Verm-x have chosen not to supply measuring scoops with these toppers as they are trying to reduce the amount of single-use plastic they send out.

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