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Black and white phot of storm the lurrcher looking up to the camra

About Us

Welcome to Storm's Raw Emporium.

We started this business to help provide natural and healthy food choices for all.

We have one simple ethos if we are not happy to feed it to these two we won't stock it.

Black and white phot of Myst the border collie looking up to the camra

I'm Vicky the founder of Storm's Raw along with Ian.

We are proud parents of 2 beautiful Dogs Storm (on the left) and Myst (on the right). They are the reason I started down this path. When Storm was a puppy we had no end of problems when it came to food, I will spare you the details, we will just say it wasn't pretty and I need to find an alternative that worked for her. We tried every dry and wet food out there from dry to cold pressed and cut out loads of different things and nothing worked for her. Myst was a challenge in a different way but as a typical border collie, she is just plain stubborn and will not eat if she doesn't want to. I was completely naive and didn't know anything about raw but people said why don't you try it. So one day I did and it was a game changer no more issue for Storm and Myst eating her food.  However, I did not know what I was doing and whether I was doing the best for them. So here is where I want back to school.

Over the last few years, I have specialised in species-appropriate food and spent many hours studying and learning all things natural. I am a qualified Canine nutrition and Herbal choice practitioner.

What this means is I understand what your animals require to thrive and how to help you when you get stuck.  I believe in all things natural as long as the science supports it. We pride ourselves in being able to provide support and help with any of your questions about how to get started to what to do when things are just not quite right. 

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