This is a mixed boxed of 10kg. From across the range of The 80.10.10


It will minimum of 4 proteins from across the range. They will be all the mixed flavor ranges. 


It could include any of the following 

Ox tripe and duck

Ox tripe and chicken

Ox Meat and chicken

Ox meat and duck

Lamb tripe and duck

Lamb Tripe and chicken

Surf and turf

Lamb, fish, and turkey

venison, beef, and turkey

Mixed Meat and duck

Mixed meat and turkey 

Pork and chicken

Pork and duck

Rabbit and pork

Rabbit and lamb tripe.


We are very sorry we are not able to take specific requests on this item. It will be a random mix. 

The minimum value on this item is 34.90 for £32.50



The Dogs Butcher 10kg Mixed Box


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