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Senior dogs can show different signs of aging and have different nutritional needs.
AniForte® Senior Active is a high-quality supplementary feed for senior dogs. Natural herbs, roots, fruits and leaves are processed gently and support the nutrition of your furry friends as they age. The purely herbal natural product provides important nutrients for more activity and balance in old age.


Strengthens the immune system & supports the joints

The natural supplementary feed AniForte® Senior Active was specifically developed for older dogs and seniors to support their general well-being and health. This natural product provides your dog with important nutrients - adapted to the nutritional needs of old age.

Maintaining vitality and agility in old age

Senior Active supports temporary deficiencies in movement and the immune system and maintains vital and healthy appearance of the coat.

In order to support the natural agility and well-being of your furry friend, AniForte® Senior Active provides the best ingredients for optimal care for your dog in old age. With valuable ingredients such as green-lipped mussel and rosehip shells, this 100% natural product supports your dog's agility and immune system. In addition, the ground ginkgo leaves have a positive effect on memory function and the general physical condition of senior dogs. The cut hawthorn leaves round off the recipe and have proven themselves in supporting normal heart function.

AniForte® Senior Active contributes to a wholesome diet and receives a high level of acceptance due to its pleasant taste and scent.

Senior Active Supplement 250g - Vitality & Agility for Older Dogs

  • Composition:

    Ground barley grass, ground dandelion root, 19% finely ground rose hip shells, 15% ground ginkgo leaves, ground ginger, 2% hawthorn leaves with flowers, coarsely ground milk thistle seeds, ground ginseng root, 0.5% green-lipped mussel powder

    Analytical components:

    Crude protein 12.75%, Crude fat: 3.05%, Crude fiber 20.65%, Crude ash 63.55%

  • Our pet experts recommend:

    Dogs per 10 kg: 1 g daily

    (One measuring spoon corresponds to 2 g)

    Simply mix it with the daily food.

    Note: Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

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