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This is a mixed boxed of reggies raw. 

It will included the following 


3 Beef 80.10.10

3 Turkey and Rabbit

2 Turkey mince 80-10-10

3 Lamb 80.10.10

3 Duck and Wild Boar

3 Beef and Lamb 80.10.10

3 Ox Tripe & oily fish



There is no choice of flavours. Unfortunately we this box deal we are not able to swap any flavours. 

It is subject to change as required. 

Reggies Raw Mixed Boxed No Chicken 20 Packets (10kg)


Reggies Raw 5% on 20 or more packets

Price Options
One-time purchase
£38.00every week until canceled
£38.00every 2 weeks until canceled
£38.00every month until canceled
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