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Flea-EX Spray is a natural flea repellent for dogs and cats. The unique combination of natural oils drives away fleas and guards against their return.

Benefits of Flea-EX Spray:

✔ Effectively repels fleas and other ectoparasites

✔ Contains natural ingredients and can be sprayed directly onto the skin

✔ Rapid results

How to Use

As an ambient spray: Spray the immediate vicinity of the animals (bed, resting place, etc.).

As a contact spray:

Dogs: Spray against the line into your dog's fur by driving through the fur from back to front with one hand and then emitting several sprays from the bottle. Spray all areas well, even on the stomach, legs and top of the head, if your dog already has fleas. Please do not spray in the eyes. Repeat the application every three days and comb your dog's coat thoroughly before each new application. Preventively, the spray can be used every 14 days.

How does Flea-EX Spray work?

Flea-EX Spray for dogs and cats is a specially formulated solution that repels fleas and other ectoparasites by creating an environment unpleasant to parasites, yet imperceptible to humans and animals.

AniForte® Flea-EX Spray is used in the event of a flea infestation or to prevent an infestation. It primarily offers effective support against fleas, but can also be used against ticks and mites. 

The basis of the AniForte® Floh-EX Spray is an effective recipe made from high-quality essential oils in combination with geraniol. This is tailored to the special needs of dogs and cats, so that your pets are not stressed by the use.

Flea treatment for dogs and cats against stubborn pests

Fleas are active all year round and reproduce very quickly. They can be transmitted directly through contact with other animals and through contaminated objects. Especially if the pet has brought fleas into the house, they can settle in the area. Therefore, getting rid of all parasites is a lengthy process. The surrounding area must be treated in any case, otherwise eggs, larvae and pupae will remain there. Only the grown fleas are actually on your animal. That's why you have to vacuum, wash and disinfect your pet's favorite places, such as the bed, upholstered furniture, pillows, blankets and carpets. Otherwise, your animal will be plagued by more and more grown fleas. 

Avoid the consequences of a flea infestation: correct flea treatment for dogs and cats

A flea infestation typically causes your animal to be restless, scratch a lot and perhaps even suffer from skin inflammation or hair loss. However, these are just the annoying symptoms. The parasites can also cause various diseases in dogs, for example:

Allergic reaction
Some pets are allergic to components of flea saliva and can develop flea saliva allergy dermatitis as a result. This leads to particularly severe itching and inflammatory skin changes such as crusts, eczema and hair breakage.

Bacterial skin diseases
Allergic dogs in particular quickly develop so-called “hot spots”. These are purulent skin inflammations that can occur over large areas and are very itchy.

Fleas also serve as intermediate hosts for cucumber seed tapeworm larvae. If a pet swallows such an infected flea, the type of worm can infect the pet.

The flea treatment for dogs and cats from AniForte®
In order to avoid all of these symptoms and diseases, it makes sense to protect your animal with flea treatment for dogs and cats. If a flea infestation is already evident, AniForte® Flea-EX spray together with AniForte® Flea-EX powder forms an effective combination to get rid of the parasites. 

For effective flea treatment we recommend a combination of Flea-EX Powder and Flea-Ex Spray to be used as follows:


Apply a light layer of Flea-EX Powder while you stroke your pet "against the follicles," not the direction you would usually pet them. Apply sparingly, and a good idea is to do it outside as this is a dusty affair. The powder is not poisonous at all, but can induce cough. Let your pet shake themselves, and then they can come back into the house. 
AniForte Flea-EX Spray is recommended for use on the surrounding area. Wash blankets and other materials from sleeping places, and spray lightly. Fleas lay their eggs not directly onto the animals, so treatment of the pet's surroundings is very important.


Flea-EX Spray 250ml - Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs & Cats

  • Water (dem.), lavender oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, geraniol, solubilizer

    Formulation: Liquid

    Active ingredient: Geraniol 20 ml/l

    baua-Reg.-No.: N-60288 | CAS-No.: 106-24-1

  • Application Area against Ectoparasites: Used for the environmental treatment of pets without treating the animals themselves. The pests are captured on their way to and from the host animal.

    Against Cat Fleas: Cat fleas develop in the environment around the preferred resting places of cats and dogs. Direct treatment of the resting place is possible.

    Application Rate: 30 - 50 g/m2: Dusty hiding places and breeding spots of the pests or create a dust barrier of about 5 - 10 g/running meter around the resting places.

    Application by non-professional users, household use. Insecticide for the control of ectoparasites such as cat fleas.

    Application Techniques:

    Create a Dust Barrier: Hand duster; Cut the tip of the dispensing opening. With the opening facing downwards, sprinkle AniForte® Flea-EX Powder on the insect's pathways in cracks and hiding places under slight pressure on the bottle.

    Note: Store in a cool, dry, and light-protected place. Shelf life after opening is 24 months.

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