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The Reason behind Storm's Raw Emporium

After many years working in customer service I have decide to bite the bullet and change my life and create something that I am truly passionate about. I discovered Raw, natural pet food about 5 years ago when I got my second dog Storm. Hence the name. She is a lovely Lurcher but had issue’s with every food I tried and nothing seem to satisfy her the more I fed her the more hungry she was and the more that came out the other end. It was not pretty as I am sure most of you know. I looked at all sort of options, grain free, cold pressed, chicken free and then I discovered raw. It was a game changer. I had a dog that was enjoying her food and the output was manageable too.

I also have the fussiest collie in the world Myst, who would turn her nose up at most foods and has even been know to go several days with out eating if she decided that the food was not what she wanted, it was very frustrating. With raw food I have discover a natural health way to keep both dogs happy and fed without hours of scratching my head.

I am a true convert to the health benefit that can be achieved with a good quality raw diet. I have spend the last 5 years researching how to ensure that I am give my dogs the best diet.

Raw can be as easy or as hard as you make it. From the easy and convenient pre-made completes to the diy where you can get creative. Raw can suit everyone life style and budget

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