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Fireworks Good or Bad?

What's Bonfire night like in your household?

All dogs are different and some love them and others struggle. This is very evident in my household.

I have 2 dogs Storm and Myst. Bonfire Night or the month around it shows me how different they are.

Storm truly loves them which make it easy in some respects as she wants to watch them which I do let her do, in hope that she won't develop a fear.

However, Myst is another story. She struggles so much with them and it is heartbreaking how much she suffers. It is something that I have to work hard with each year to try my best to limited her struggling. So I thought I would put together my top tips.

  1. Close all your curtains and doors, this helps muffle the sounds and reduces the light show.

  2. Put noise on though out the house, Radio, TV, anything that is going to help drown out the Fireworks.

  3. Allow then a safe place to hide. A cover den area works well for some.

  4. Give them a good walk during the daylight hours can help them relax.

  5. Play brain games before the fireworks start if you can, this will trie them out and hopefully put them to sleep.

  6. Give them something to chew. Chewing helps release natural serotine, which is the calming hormone promoting peace and tranquillity in your dog.

There are many options open to you including herbal supplements, wraps and blankets, medication. All of these have a place and will work brilliantly when used under the right circumstances however before you go down this route talk to an expert to make sure you are getting the best option for your dog.

If you need help please get in touch.


Vicky, Myst and Storm



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