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THE GOLD ONE - This tub has a regal name because it deserves it! We’ve added a few spoonfuls of Turmeric to our well-loved Poochbutter to give your Pooches a little dose of gold dust.


  • Poochbutter is a Natural Peanut Butter designed just for your Pooch.
  • Made in the UK 
  • NO added Salt, Sugar, Xylitol or Additives...
  • We definitely don't use Palm Oil or Hydrogenated Veg Oil either!
  • Contains Honey - making it super sticky to keep your Pooch occupied and happy for hours!
  • Coconut Oil - helps your Pooch from the inside out, great for healthy skin and a gloriously glossy coat!
  • Suitable for all dogs as part of a healthy balanced diet.
  • And it's Puppy Friendly!

The Gold One Poochbutter

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