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Naturally Reduces Inflammation for Healthier Gums & Teeth

LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Dental Care is an easy-to-use mouth spray that optimises oral hygiene and keeps teeth and gums healthy. Effective, proactive dental care for dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and other animals:

  • Balances the oral microbiome.
  • Cleans teeth, tooth sockets and gums.
  • Reduces gum inflammation and risk of periodontal disease.
  • Reduces plaque and tartar build up.
  • Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Freshens breath.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Vet approved, scientifically proven probiotic formula.
  • PETA certified – vegan and cruelty-free.

The core, ingredient is plant-derived, healthy ‘good’ bacteria (probiotics). These helpful probiotics quickly restore healthy microflora balance to your pet’s mouth. They clean teeth and gums at a microbial level, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and break down food deposits that cause tartar.

This improves oral hygiene entirely, which fosters better dental health. supports healthy gums and teeth and protects against bad breath, inflammation and periodontal disease.

Read our news post to discover why probiotics are the microbiome’s greatest ally: Surface Probiotics – the Microbiome in a Bottle

LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Dental Care provides proactive dental maintenance that elevates oral hygiene. Over time, this can reduce the need for costly dental ultrasound cleaning or de-scaling procedures.

Read the probiotic pet plaque remover case study, which shows how the spray improved dental hygiene significantly.

Dental Spray for Dogs and Cats that Improves Oral Hygiene

An imbalanced microflora in the mouth produces an unpleasant smell and bad breath. This can be an early sign of gum inflammation, but may also indicate a more serious health condition.

The build-up of plaque and tartar in the gums, teeth and tooth sockets is the leading cause of dental problems in pets. Dental plaque promotes the growth of harmful bacteria and can lead to periodontal disease. It also causes red, inflamed gums that bleed easily and can reduce appetite.

When dental plaque reacts with the calcium in the saliva it creates tartar. Tartar presents as a yellow-brown layer of discolouration on the teeth. It increases inflammation beneath the gums until the teeth loosen. Plaque must be removed on a daily basis to prevent tartar formation.

Teeth Cleaning for Raw Fed Pets

LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Dental Care is an ideal dental spray for dogs and cats that are raw fed.  This is because the spray eliminates organic molecules and food matter that promote tartar deposits and cause bad breath.

You can find out more about dental care for dogs here. Or discover our Probiotic Raw Feeding Support Pack.


Easy and convenient: Just a few sprays a day for a happier, healthier mouth!

For best results, clean the teeth once daily with a toothbrush designed for dogs or cats (no toothpaste). Clean from the back towards the front, both the upper and lower row.

Shake bottle before use.  Spray lightly once or twice a day directly onto teeth. If your pet does not like the spray, use lint-free gauze wrapped around your finger or a small clean cloth instead. You can also use a pipette or spray onto the toothbrush to apply.

Some pets, particularly older animals, may need tartar build up to be first removed by a vet. The spray can then be used for maintenance to prevent the tartar returning.



Water 30%
Anionic surfactants <5%
Biological agents – microorganisms EU Group 1
Aromatic substances <1%

LUCAA+ Probiotic Pet Dental Care

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